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Hello there!  Welcome to my  site and thank you for checking out my work!

Are you looking for memories that are achingly beautiful and are of the authentic events of your wedding day? Of you having fun. Of you connecting with people who are important to you. You are unique and so is your love story and because its your story, every image should  be original . Why should your pictures look like everyone elses' ? 

And why should you only have some of the important moments captured and not EVERY important moment in your album years from now?  

Choosing your photographer is one of the most important decisions you have to make and it can be easier than you think! 

I am a Wedding photographer based in Strongsville just a few miles from Cleveland  Ohio and I have the BEST job in the world... I absolutely love capturing your love story and creating precious memories for the happiest day in your life. For me its all about the emotions so I capture every laugh, every hug ,every bit of joy and every tear  during the day, and with my background in portraiture and commercial photography I capture the beauty of the entire occasion and the people.

I like to make things EASY  for the people who want to work with the first thing we do is to chat to find out if  our priorities align. My consultation is free with no strings attached and a lot of helpful information for you. Next we gather  information about everything you need  and finally we start the photography . Its as easy as 1-2-3     

I have a son with autism who has taught me with gentleness and love that life has to be celebrated and savored and that our memories of joy are truly the most  precious things we can have!

Also I am from India so I bring with me my love of culture, tradition, family and color!


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Grab a copy of my wedding photography guide!!!

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