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I am an award winning photographer based in Cleveland. In my past  I was an MBA and a Banker and on a steep career trajectory. I quit the corporate world to be with my son who has autismPhotography came into my life as a gift. I have had images published in the BBC, and International newspapers, and won local and international competitions. I am a member of the Cleveland Photographic Society and the Professional Photographers of America

I love making photographs. When I use the term "making" i mean using my subject, lighting, background, technology  and my creativity to tell the story in as beautiful a way as possible.

I will spend time sizing up the location and technical details needed, as well as with you to understand who you really are and what you need from these images. I want the images to make you remember this time with happiness and joy.

About myself, I do have a miracle going on in my life. I have a son with autism who is now 20. He is pretty severely affected, cannot speak or do things without help. He has taught me and a large number of people apart from me, not to read a book by its cover; He wants to be a journalist and share his unique perspective and opinions. We are working at going to college and he is a brilliant student . He really is the reason for everything in my life.

I love meeting people especially through photography, and hope and try to form a long term relationship with all my clients

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You can contact me for photography  at harshitamahajanphotography@gmail.com

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Call or text me at +14402895750


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Disclaimer: No personal information(including contact details) given by any client for the purposes of requesting photography services will be  shared with any  third party for commercial purposes.  

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