My philosophy when I photograph anything is to evoke emotions and memories through the images so that I capture every detail and nuance and emotion. You will get images that allow you to relive every critical moment of your amazing day. I have always been drawn to the balance between the creative esthetic of a beautiful wedding and the technical elements involved. I blend both of these in a system I have evolved which I call “Captivating Romance” We start with the step I call Captivating Details which is an in depth planning process where we sit with the couple and understand all the key details and create a plan and understand every key element they want documented. What makes us different is that  have this deep understanding of the process of a wedding   and we go deep into the planning process with the schedule of events and visit the locations and map out the best architecture and landscape backdrops angles and lighting, right down to the details of the best timings to shoot the couple. The key to beautiful effortless wedding images is all about timing and planning and preparation. This is why we call this first step “Captivating Details” The Second step is called “Captivating the Love Story” which is a beautiful experience before the wedding where we take the Bride and Groom and find their most romantic place to shoot their love story . We have this ready in a slide show before the wedding so that the wedding guests can experience this love story, understand it and relive it during the wedding itself The final step is what I call the creation of the Love Capsule where we encapsulate the beautiful event and the love story with the images and we also produce a slideshow video that can be shared with your relatives and friends album, or slide show you relive the event and strengthen your relationships Our Wedding Packages start at $2800 for two  photographers for 8 hours on a single day but I offer many customizable packages...lets talk soon with your requirements

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